Policies & Procedures

To read any of our policies, please click the appropriate box below to either view online or download.

Safeguarding Policy

This policy outlines Manor Twiglets responsibility to ensure that every effort is made to safeguard all children from suspected and actual harm.

Child Privacy Policy

This policy explains why we collect personal information about the children that attend Manor Twiglets.

Data Protection Policy

This policy details how we collect, store and protect personal information about the children in our care.

SEN Policy

(Special Educational Needs)

Our policy to provide an environment in which every child can reach their full potential.

Admissions Policy

Allowing Manor Twiglets to be accessible to children and families from all areas in our local community and beyond.

Prevent Duty Policy

This policy explains our responsibilities to promote British values and to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism, extremism & radicalisation.

EYEE Eligibility

Details of your eligibility and how you can claim EYEE funding.

Employment & Staffing

Details of our staffing policy for the welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation.

Collecting Children for after school clubs

Twiglets policy for the collection of children from school on your behalf.

Administering Medicine Policy

Details of our medication form and agreement of administering medication to maintain the child’s well-being.

Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure

Details of how our staff meet the personal, social and emotional needs of the children.

Non Collection Policy

This procedure details what happens in the event that you are unable to collect your child.