The nursery is divided into a number of areas:

  • Messy play- sand, water, paint, cornflour, etc
  • Construction- building blocks, magnets, etc
  • Mark-making- colour pens, crayons, stencils etc
  • Role play- dress up, play kitchen, dolls etc
  • Problem solving- puzzles, threading, sorting
  • ICT area- computer, beebots, talking tins etc
  • Book corner
  • Sensory area
  • Outside play

We have a vast range of equipment, toys and activities, including equipment for special education needs.

Our outside area has recently been extended and refurbished; we have hard standing and tarmac areas to create a soft landing for the climbing frame and for when the children run around. We also have a mud kitchen and a range of equipment to support fine and gross motor skills.

Example Routines

Morning Schedule

8.00am Early Children Start to arrive- register to be taken as they come in

8.40am & 8.50am School children taken to school

8.55am Transitional Children in main room & register (Welcome, Good Morning song, days of the week etc). Nursery Children through to extension to settle and register

9 – 9.15am Transitional Children Register and hello song and days of the week song then put coats on pegs

9.45am – 10.30am Snack Time by Hatch – children to prepare and cut up themselves (wash up and prepare lunch trays by 11am)

11.00am Scheduled time for Nappies to be changed

11.30am Start to tidy up for story time (not earlier)

11.40am Song time followed by Story for morning children
(Transitional Children Staying for lunch by quiet room door, all children going home for lunch in loose parts and nursery children staying all day in book area)

11.45am Toilet and Wash hands for lunch in both toilet areas

12.00pm Morning Children Leave

Afternoon Schedule

12.00pm Register as children arrive

12 – 12.30pm Lunch time (play time for those who are not eating)

12.30pm Circle time for Transitional children in 2 groups
Circle time for Nursery children X1 group
Free flow play

1.45pm – 2.30pm Snack time by Hatch – Children to prepare and cut up themselves

2.00pm Scheduled time for Nappy changing

2.30pm Tidy up time and set up for ASC and Twilight session

2.40pm Story in quiet room for Transitional Children
Story in Book corner for Nursery Children
Story Outside for After School club children outside

2.50pm All Stories finished

All children going home to join the Quiet room
Children staying for 3pm-6pm session to play in Extension

3.00pm Home Time and Afterschool club collection

After School Schedule

3 – 4.00pm Free flow inside and outside play

4.20pm – 4.30pm Tidy up Time

4.30pm – 4.50pm Focus time activity

4.50pm Story then wash hands for snack

5.00pm Snack time

5 – 6.00pm After Snack – Free Play both inside and outside