SEND Local Offer

How does the nursery know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disability?

At Twiglets, every child is an individual and staff are experienced in observing and assessing the next steps for the children. Your child will be allocated a Key Person who will be responsible for your child’s development. The Key Person completes observations on your child during their time in our early years setting. The Key Person will also share information with you about your child’s development and we encourage you to also share information with the Key Person about your child’s development at home.

The information gathered from assessments, observations and with speaking to you, supports the Key Person in planning your child’s next steps to support their development. Through this process if the Key Person has any concerns about your child’s development, they will speak with you and the setting’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO).

We also ask you to complete “All about me” forms (on our online learning journal Tapestry) when your child first starts at the setting, which would detail any profile and would include sections about what the child likes and dislikes, what makes them happy and how they want to be supported. We also have SEN/Inclusion policies which are available on our Policies & Procedures page.

If you have any concerns about your child, you should speak with your child’s Key Person who will consult the nursery’s SENDCO or you can speak with the setting Manager or Deputy Manager.

For a child with SEND, a meeting with the SENDCO will be necessary so their needs can be identified before the child starts at Twiglets and any reasonable adjustments can then be made to the nursery environment.

How will the Staff support my child?

Your child’s Key Person will work in partnership with both you and your child. We fully encourage you to share information regularly with the Key Person. Our SENDCO will also be on hand to support you and your child throughout their time at Twiglets.

We will involve you along the way and invite you to regular meetings where you will be included in the decision making of what targets for development are set for your child. With permission, we can make referrals to other professionals such as Speech and Language therapist.

As a setting we observe, assess and monitor the children continuously and if necessary can offer 1:1 support for your child.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

Every child is seen as an individual within our setting. The Key Person, through talking with you, your child and through observations, will get to know what your child’s interests are.  They will also get to know how your child prefers to learn.

Using this information assists the Key Person in adapting activities to support your child at Twiglets. The children have their own individual next steps which can be discussed with you at any time.

Various strategies are used to support the children, for example “first and then” cards of what to do now and what to do next, small group activities and differentiation of activities. We also have visuals displayed around the setting to help guide the children, we use a visual time table and all practitioners have visual symbols on them at all times.

How will both you and I know how much my child is doing and how you will help me to support my child's learning?

Your child’s Key Person will be available to speak with you at each session (when the Key Person is in the setting). You will have regular contact with the SENDCO and you will be able to speak to the Manager.

Your child’s progress is recorded in their online Learning Journey through written comments, observations and photographs and with input from you as well, such as photos taken at home or on holiday, if wished.

You will be invited to meetings and consultations with the Key Person, SENDCO and any other professionals involved. We can also give ideas of what to do at home to support your child’s development.

At Twiglets we operate an “open door” policy and staff are always available to discuss your child’s progress and development and to help you support your child.

What support will be there for my child's overall wellbeing?

We offer “settling in” visits which will help familiarise your child with the nursery. Care routines will be discussed prior to starting Twiglets, including nappy changing, sleep routines etc.

We are able to administer prescribed medicines, however, we request that parents complete a “Medication Permission Form” and the medication is given by a member of staff who will be witnessed by another member of staff. If additional training is required to administer medicine, we will undertake this as necessary.

Promoting positive behaviour is important to the setting and we also have a behaviour policy along with other policies including Inclusion policy, safeguarding policy, health and safety policy amongst others, which can all be accessed from our Policies & Procedures page. We will discuss any behaviour concerns with you in order to maintain a consistent approach between home and nursery.

If a family member or friend will be collecting a child from Twiglets we will require them to give us a password word that has been given to us previously by you before we release them from the setting. We will not let a child be collected by individuals under the age of 16.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting?

We work with all professionals as required for each child and always encourage these people to come and visit the relevant children in the setting.

We work closely with other early years professionals who may come into the setting. You will always receive a copy of any report written by us or by other professionals and you will be invited to meetings.

We work with local children centres, early support advisors, health visitors, speech and language therapists, amongst other professionals. Staff at Twiglets have up to date training and up to date knowledge of Special Education Needs, we also have SENCO trained staff.

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What training have the staff supporting children and young people with SEND?

The Twiglets team and practitioners have experience of working with children with SEND. We have staff who have worked with children who have Autism and other specialist needs. A number of staff have had training in Makaton which is used during each session.

We have meetings with early years advisors and other specialists involved. The staff also use visuals symbols to help the children to understand what is needed.

How will my child be included in activities outside the nursery including trips?

At Twiglets we do not go on trips but we do go on walks around the setting including the grounds of Manor Primary School. We always carry a bag which includes a first aid kit, a mobile phone and index file for emergencies. Any medication that a child may need on the walk will be taken with us. We will make changes where necessary to accommodate all children.

How accessible is the nursery environment?

We will work closely with all the parents to access any specialist equipment that may be required. Our setting is accessible to all, we have disabled toileting facilities, a ramp outside to the playground, extra wide doors which makes the setting fully wheelchair accessible and we use visuals.

How will you prepare and support my child to join the nursery, transfer to a new setting or the next stage of education and life?

We offer you a settling in session at the setting so that you and your child can familiar yourselves with the setting. We work closely with each family to develop a settling in routine to match your child’s needs.

If your child attends another setting as well as ours we will contact them and work together for the best interests of your child. We have a good transitional system with Manor Primary School and children will attend the school for visits from October of the year before they start school.

Your child’s Key Person will talk to the teachers of the school that your child will be attending to show them their learning journeys, summative assessments, Setting Support Plan (SSP) and other information that we can pass on regarding your child’s transition to school. The manager has transition meetings with foundation stage and other settings.

How are the nursery's resources allocated and matched to children's special educational needs?

We are able to apply for funding from East Sussex County Council to enable the nursery to employ an additional member of staff to work with your child if needed or we can apply for a specialist grant to purchase specialist equipment. Although each application is carefully considered, we cannot guarantee that funding will be awarded. Government funding is available for two year olds with Special Educational Needs.

We also fundraise so we can offer additional equipment and help.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

The Manager and SENDCO will work closely with you to determine your child’s needs. The SENDCO will have regular meetings with you alongside any other early years professionals involved with supporting you and your child.

Regular staff meetings and daily briefings are held to ensure all practitioners are made fully aware of any additional support that a child may require. Also, the Key Person will be able to identify whether the child requires any extra support through observations made. We will offer 1:1 support to a child if needed.

How are parents involved in the setting? How can I be involved?

Strong relationships with parents are important to the nursery. We operate an “open door” policy and share a home/setting diary which will be written daily. Newsletters are distributed every term and there is a parent’s notice board advertising news and events at the setting.

We will discuss with you your child’s next steps and how you can be involved at home and in the setting. We have a summer fair, Christmas bazaar and Easter fair every year which we invite parents and other family members and friends along to.

We run a parents forum which we encourage parents to join and we also have a Facebook page called “Manor Twiglets Parents” where we can share information with each other (your child must attend the setting before you can join this group). Alternatively we have a Manor Twiglets Nursery Ltd page for all to follow. We also invite parents in to the setting to join in with the children’s play.

The parents will be consulted on any decision that we decide and we won’t go ahead without your permission to do so. 

Who can I contact for further information?

More detailed information is available in our policies, specifically “Special Educational Needs and Disabilities”, “Medication” and “Promoting Positive Behaviour”. Twiglet parents are welcome to view our policies at any time. You can also contact Jill Bray (manager) Laura Ceylan (Deputy Manager) or the lead SENDCO Bobbi Penfold (Acting Deputy) for further information.

If you would like to discuss your child’s needs before making a decision about your child starting at Twiglets then please contact the Manager, Jill Bray on 01825 765487 or email [email protected].

This offer is accurate now, but services are regularly reviewed and could change. All information will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any new service offer.

East Sussex Local Offer
The Government asks that all local authorities (in our case, East Sussex County Council)
provide information as clearly as possible so that parents, carers, children and young
people can make informed decisions.

The East Sussex Local Offer consists of an information site which outlines how different
SEND processes work and what support is available for children and young people with
SEND, and their families. It also includes a SEND-specific directory listing local and online
services, which you can use on East Sussex 1Space.

Visit the East Sussex Local Offer website at:

Amaze Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Information Advice and Support Services (SENDIASS)

If you are a child or young person with a special educational need or a disability (SEND), or
the parent of a child or young person with SEND, you can contact the Amaze SENDIASS
advice line for information and advice.

Visit the SENDIASS website at:

Community Integrated Therapies and Equipment

CITES are a 100-strong team of qualified occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech
and language therapists, assistants and administrators who provide non-acute therapy to
children and young people living in East Sussex.
Visit CITES at:

East Sussex Wheelchair Service
East Sussex Wheelchair Service provides assessments for adults and children with
mobility and postural problems. They supply manual and electric powered wheelchairs,
buggies, pressure relieving cushions and accessories such as backrests, foot rests and
arm rests for wheelchairs.
Visit the East Sussex Wheelchair Service at:

East Sussex Customer Service for Children’s Services
Email: [email protected]

Communication, Learning, Autism Support Service +
CLASS+ works across East Sussex to support families/carers of Autistic children and young
Their aim is to provide guidance and training that enables families/carers to build their
understanding of the strengths and challenges faced by Autistic children and young people and to develop greater confidence in how to support them.

Find out more information about CLASS+ at:

i-go is the East Sussex Children and Young People’s Additional Needs Register and free
leisure discount card. The card is available for those aged 0-25 with additional needs living
or studying in East Sussex. This could include physical, learning, social, emotional, and
mental health needs.
Visit i-go at: