EYEE Funding

Your child is entitled to the Early Years Education Entitlement Funding (EYEE) the term after they turn 3 years old.  (Spring, Summer or Autumn Term).

The entitlement can be taken two ways:              

  • 30 Hour Funding (term time only) - 38 weeks of the year - max 30hrs a week or
  • 30 Hour Funding (stretched offer) - 48 weeks of the year - max 22.8hrs a week or 
  • 15 Hour Funding (term time only) - 38 weeks of the year - max 15hrs a week or
  • 15 Hour Funding (stretched offer) - 48 weeks of the year - max 12hrs a week

Anything over and above this entitlement will be charged at our normal rate, please see the Fee Structure for details.

As we are open for 50 weeks of the year (we are closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas Holidays), there are 2 weeks that are left from the 48 weeks Stretched Offer. You could choose to remove your child for 2 weeks for a holiday, for example, at no cost. If your child attends, you would be charged for those 2 weeks.

When your child is entitled to the funding, you will be asked to complete a form and to provide a copy of your child's Birth Certificate so it can be sent off to claim the funding.

We are very busy at the moment and will offer as many hours as we can to fulfill the entitlement. If you are unable to take up your full entitlement with us, you are able to claim the rest of your entitlement at a different setting, should you wish to. You do not have to take up the full entitlement.

If you have any questions regarding funding, please contact the Administrator in the Nursery Office.